Pregnancy Program

During Pregnancy

Program Overview:

• 1-hour private coaching session (Held at our office in LA or via Skype/phone outside LA)
• Personalized Blood Test Analysis Report
• Premier customized Meal Plans
• Premier customized Supplements Plans (based off your Personalized Blood Test Report)
• Grocery Guide for a Prenatal Health
• Nutrition for Pregnancy Guide: Top Superfoods for Pregnancy, Recepies, Tips for keeping a healthy weight during Pregnancy, Exercise, Lifestyle & Attitude guide.
• Email support
• Free Access to the Nourish Pregnancy Online Class

Why is Nutrition for Pregnancy so Important?

Many doctors and experts emphasize the importance of good nutrition & lifestyle during pregnancy. Growing a life inside of you requires vital nutrients for baby’s optimal health & development.

However, doctors don’t give enough nutritional advice on what is exactly means to have good nutrition & diet. In one of the most crucial times of a woman’s life, it’s essential to learn what our bodies need to thrive!

This program is right for you if want to:

Create a healthy womb environment, enhance your baby’s growth & development & minimize the risk of health issues.
Avoid developing common pregnancy complications such as Gestational diabetes, Preeclampsia, and Underdeveloped babies.

Learn which high-quality nutrients your body needs during all stages of pregnancy, maintain a healthy weight for you and for baby, learn if your supplements are working for you and which supplements you should add or reduce based off your Blood Test Analysis report, and learn the right, safe exercises tips to stay fit & healthy.


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