How Healthy Is Your Gut?

Did you know that your gut health can affect your mood?  Having healthy & good bacteria in the gut can help.
One all natural, pro-tip for maintaining a healthy gut, are probiotics! These microorganisms are live bacteria found naturally in your body, can help restore a healthy gut and promote the growth of new, good bacteria.

Tips for taking Probiotics

  1. Consume yogurts (Preferably non-dairy, such as Almond or Coconut Yogurt) where the label should say “live” or “active cultures.”
  2. Beverages that promote good bacteria such as kefir,  kombucha (fermented black tea) and apple cider vinegar.
  3. If taking probiotic supplements but it is important to get the right ones. Make sure the type of bacteria is listed on the bottle such as “Bifidobacterium” or “Lactobacillus.” I recommend Renew Life Probiotics.
  4. Make sure the label says the bacteria are “live” and that there are billions of “colony forming units” (CFUs).
  5. Store them in a cool, dry place.